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Who We Are

The Turkey Creek Conservation District (TCCD) embodies grassroots stewardship, extending a supportive hand to local landowners as they navigate government programs and access technical assistance.

We stand as one of the 74 conservation districts in Colorado, contributing to a network of nearly 3,000 districts nationwide. We specialize in collaborating with private farm and ranch landowners, small ranchette owners, and suburban developments. Our mission is rooted in guiding these communities towards the judicious and sustainable management of our finite natural resources.

Defining “Locally-Led” Conservation

Locally-led conservation is based on the principle that local people make the best decisions for their own communities.

Locally-led conservation involves taking steps so that the entire community is involved in both planning and implementation of natural resource projects.

To be effective the following steps must be included in locally-led conservation:

Reaching out to the public and bringing local stakeholders together.
Using a needs assessment to analyze local issues and concerns.
Setting local priorities based on public input and needs assessment.
Identifying the resources available to address local needs and priorities.
Developing and implementing a plan for action.
Reviewing and evaluating needs and actions for effective implementation of “locally-led” conservation.
Build and maintain local shareholder involvement, delivery, and evaluation of programs.

What We Do

The mission of the Turkey Creek Conservation District is to work with landowners, educators, and natural resource users to provide guidance and information to promote natural resource conservation.

Our Meetings

Financial Resources

Educational Resources

Technical Resources


A Cornerstone of Our Work

Colorado Association of Conservation Districts

Serving as the unified voice for the conservation districts of Colorado, facilitating outreach, education and support of landowners in their stewardship of natural resources.

Colorado State Conservation Board

Working to support and promote locally-led conservation initiatives that protect, restore, and enhance our state’s precious natural resources for current and future generations.

Colorado State UNIV Extension

Providing research-based education and resources to support sustainable agriculture and conservation in Colorado.

Natl Assoc of Conservation Districts

Advocating for conservation practices and supports local conservation districts nationwide.

NRCS Colorado

Helping conserve Colorado’s agricultural landscapes and its natural resources one partnership at a time.

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