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A Local Referendum

The Colorado Soil Conservation Act

The Colorado State Legislature enacted the Colorado Soil Conservation Act on May 6, 1937 (Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 35, Article 70) primarily to address soil erosion and promote sustainable land management practices across the state. The act emphasizes collaboration between landowners, farmers, and government agencies and encourages educational programs to raise awareness about soil conservation practices. It also provides mechanisms for funding these projects, often through a combination of federal, state, and local resources.

The act also established soil conservation districts as local entities responsible for implementing conservation measures within our jurisdictions. Our districts operate with a considerable degree of local control, allowing us to tailor conservation strategies to the specific needs and conditions of this area. We are empowered to undertake projects for erosion control, water conservation, and the overall improvement of soil quality.

Local Organization

Under the Colorado Soil Conservation Act of 1937, we were organized by a referendum of landowners on May 1, 1943.  The Colorado Secretary of State issued a Certificate of Organization to the District on May 17, 1943, which has been duly recorded in the county records of Pueblo County, Colorado (Reception No. 702673).